Health and Wellness at St. Andrews Village




Exercise, nutrition and mental health needs change as we age. That’s why every resident at St. Andrews Village can work with our Wellness Coordinator to come up with a personalized wellness plan in cluding:

  • Personal Fitness
    Our members look forward to indoor or outdoor walking clubs, Aquacize at the Boothbay Region YMCA across the street, stretching and weight lifting, dance classes and golf clinics.
  • Personal Wellness
    At St. Andrews Village, not only do you have the time and resources to care for personal wellness—you are surrounded by a community that cares. Our wellness-enhancing programs include nutritional counseling, wellness clinics and classes, informative guest speakers, awareness campaigns and more. Our residents find that the myriad of opportunities for social connection also help create a feeling of wellness and purpose.
  • Personal Health
    A member of MaineHealth and a part of LincolnHealth, St. Andrews Village is able to offer our residents access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art healthcare services. Fall prevention, flu clinics, memory screening and podiatry care are just some of the preventative care measures we provide.

To discover how a Personal Wellness Plan can help you achieve your fitness, health and wellness goals, call (207) 633-0920 today.