Activities and Events at St. Andrews Village

PartyIn addition to daily activities at the Village, we hold one special event each month. To see some of the past events visit our News & Events page.

  • Gatherings with friends.
    St. Andrews Village regularly hosts performances, readings, concerts, educational lectures, films, and member-organized clubs and interest groups. Birthdays and holidays bring our residents together to celebrate personal milestones.
  • Personal growth.
    Our residents choose to attend college lectures, arts and crafts classes, gardening or cooking clinics, book clubs, music lessons and much, much more—both at the Village and in the community. Our physical fitness instructor will help you set wellness goals, try new exercise programs, and check your progress at weekly wellness clinics.
  • Giving back.
    The Boothbay community is known for its caring and dedicated people. Nothing changes a community for the better like volunteering. Residents at the Village have lots of opportunity to help in the community. The Boothbay Region Community Resources Council is a great place to start.

Call (207) 633-0920 for a comprehensive list of the activities and events offered at St. Andrews Village